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Make Your Customers the Solution

“Innovate or die.” A stark message for businesses of all kinds, but there is plenty of truth in such statement. In our hyper-connected world today, your business will lose out

Why Brands Need to be Living in the Micro-Moment

“We live in a world where the notion of ambiguity has become a punchline. Turning to our smartphones when we need something – a forgotten word, a better price, a

The Future of Engagement: Prioritizing Customer Experience

As 2016 approaches, tech journalists will be blasting out their predictions on what’s going to be the hot new thing for the year ahead. But what if we’re to take

Marketers Need To Shift From Crafting Messages To Creating Experiences

The majority of a company’s value is intangible, so a strong brand is a significant competitive advantage. As Philip Kotler wrote, “The art of marketing is the art of brand

6 Strategies To Increase Sales Success

The ultimate business goal is to convert your effort into sales. How you work, communicate, and persevere will ultimately affect sales growth. Accordingly, the following strategies are provided to help

3 Steps to Connect with Your Mobile Audience

Call it the proximity principle or the law of attraction: People tend to form strong bonds with the people—and the things—that are closest to them. That’s why mobile has always

Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty

If your business sells goods or services online, then you know that nothing beats having a new customer visit your website and then make a purchase. But, the sale is

Are You Really Selling Your Value?

One challenge that we are all not immune to is a downturn in business…and this often leads us down the path of what am I doing wrong. As someone that