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Digital Transformation: The Great Challenge for Companies in Latin America

“What? Digitize my business? How?”. This is the answer Mike gave to John, his Systems Manager when he posed the idea of designing a strategy that will help them solve

gA presents “Digitization in Latin America: The Road to Competitiveness” Summits

Is it possible to reach the productivity levels of leading countries through digitization in Latin America? Where are we and what are we missing? How are leading Latin American companies

Still worth investing in Brazil?

The combination of a recessive economy and a depreciated currency resulted in Brazilian assets with attractive prices. Based on expectations considered for 2015 and its actual results, we could map

gA releases report on the status of digitization in Latin American companies

At gA, as a global leader in business transformation in Latin America, we are fully committed to drive and know more about business transformation in the digital age. This is