Argentina behind regional average in industrial digitization

The index of industrial digitization in Argentina is of 46.41 points, slightly below the levels of other countries in the region, such as Chile and Colombia, reaching 54.40 and 48.57, respectively. This fact emerged during the presentation: “Digitalization in Latin America: the road to competitiveness”, organized by gA.

The digitization of business is not the goal in itself. It’s the way

The digitalization of production processes is essential for competitiveness, but should be focused on transforming the productivity gains investment.

The four main pillars for Business Transformation in Latin America

According to gA’s study: “Latin America 4.0: The Digital Transformation in the Value Chain”, researched companies say that processes digitization is essential for competitiveness, although it must be focused on transforming productivity in the business.

Digital gap grows between Mexico and OEDC

Countries like Chile, Uruguay and Argentina progress at a faster speed in technology and communications adoption. The study “Latin America 4.0: The Digital Transformation in the Value Chain” released by the business transformation firm gA reveals digitization gaps among countries and businesses.

Digital Transformation: The great challenge of businesses in Latin America

According to gA, digital Transformation is becoming a key issue on the corporate agenda, as organizations have discovered the potential of technology to transform business and put them on top of success. Only in Latin America, 26% of CIOs in large companies are starting their “digital path” in this 2016.

Paul Dougall: The Challenge of the Digital Transformation in the Value Chain

The Latin American challenge: rethink deeply organizations and their business models. There is a growing consensus that the digital transformation in the value chain or the “Supply-side” is the great challenge for companies in Latin America. The purpose of the digital transformation in the value chain is to improve productivity, reduce costs and build competitive advantage through product differentiation.

Latin American companies apply technology but gain low productivity

Although businesses in Latin America invest quite a lot in technology – USD 30 billion – they are not taking the desired advantage of it, resulting in low productivity. This, according to a recent study from gA directed by Professor Raul Katz from the Columbia University.

The Digital Transformation

The key unexploited business opportunity for Latin American companies in the digital realm lies in finding ways to put their computers, their software and their engineers to work on deeply integrating digital tools into their value chain.

Digital: the Achilles heel of Latin American businesses

Latin America has joined the digital era but not all efforts have been efficient. A study by gA consulting firm explores the technological advancement in the region.  

Wagmaister and Dougall: Technology allows for rethinking the business

gA’s CEO and Corporate Development VP analyzes how, although digitization in Latin America does not result in more productivity.

Chile is the second country in the region with the highest penetration of new technologies at company level, says study

The “Latin America 4.0: The Digital Transformation in the Value Chain” report analyzed the competitive advantages of the use of new information technologies and communication.