gA presents “Digitization in Latin America: The Road to Competitiveness” Summits

gA presents “Digitization in Latin America: The Road to Competitiveness” Summits

Is it possible to reach the productivity levels of leading countries through digitization in Latin America? Where are we and what are we missing? How are leading Latin American companies thriving digitization in their value chain?

“Digitization in Latin America: The Road to Competitiveness” are a series of Summits presented by the gA Center for Digital Transformation to be held in March in important cities in the Americas to a select group of private sector leaders, public and academic to better understand the nature and size of the challenges of the digital era.

gA has the first study dedicated to Digitization in Latin America, analyzing the strategy and progress of digitization in 75 large companies with a presence in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

The study reveals that although the overall level of adoption of digital technologies is high across the industries, its impact in the value chain remains low. Latin America has seen dramatic changes in the way consumers adopt and interact with digital technologies, but companies have not evolved at the same pace.

If you are interested in being part of any of gA’s Summits, please register at:

Thursday, March 10, 7:30 hrs     St. Regis Hotel, Reforma, Mexico City, Click Here

Tuesday, March 15, 16:30 hrs    Transmérica Expo Center, Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Click Here

Thursday, March 17, 8:00 hrs     Fortabat Museum, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Click Here


Download gA’s complete study here and join the conversation on Digital Business Transformation.


This article was written by gA (Grupo Assa).

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