Risk & Compliance

Cybersecurity much more than a compliance exercise

Even as an overwhelming majority of large global enterprises feel vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats, too many organizations continue to approach cybersecurity as a compliance exercise, according

Why Sell Online? The Importance of eCommerce in Your Sales Strategy

The buyer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Buyers are conducting extensive research online before ever speaking to a sales person. Buyers are also making more direct purchases

5 Trends That Will Drive Big Data in 2016

Big data, the cloud, mobile technology and IT security continued to grab the lion’s share of technology headlines in 2015, and IT and data leaders can expect more of the

The 3 T’s of a cybersafety program

The most effective safety programs are a result of employee awareness. The more aware, the less likely it is that employees will hurt themselves as they perform day-to-day activities in

7 Tips From The FBI To Prepare Your Firm For A Cyber Attack

“In the past, the FBI wanted to operate in the shadows, but today’s Bureau is very different” said Jay F. Kramer, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Division,

Trust the Cloud, They Said. It’ll Be Safe, They Said.

Speaking recently in a Google webcast, U.S. CIO Tony Scott declared major cloud providers like Google, Amazon or Microsoft just as secure as the world’s largest financial institutions. He even

Mobile Device Management – Is There An Upside?

It’s not just the news cycle that’s 24 hours – it’s the workday too. Or at least it feels it, given that every employee has a mobile device making them

Who Should be in Charge of Corporate Reputation Management?

There’s a big problem with reputation management in corporate America. The problem – common in most major corporations — is that no one person is responsible for managing a company’s

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). What Do They Do & Who Needs One?

The term Cloud Access Security Broker (or CASB), also known as cloud security gateway provider, sounds a lot like an individual who’s going to staunchly mediate the relationship between your

Why startup leaders need to set the tone for security

Federal consumer-protection authorities have called on the entrepreneurs building tech startups to prioritize cybersecurity from the earliest stages of the development process. But a variety of factors — cost, lack