Don’t Reinvent The Wheel, Invent Its Applications!

Mobile app development is on an exciting journey with each new day unveiling several possibilities and raising the bar on what can be achieved. Many apps boast of showcasing splendid

Talent Trumps Everything!

Billions are invested in the latest sales and marketing automation tools. Billions are spent on training of all sorts. We spend countless hours looking at the right processes, the right

4 Questions To Consider Before You Launch Your Next Mobile App

@Today, 64% of American adults own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% only four years ago. By 2020, it’s predicted that 90% of the world’s population over 6

Chile is the second country in the region with the highest penetration of new technologies at company level, says study

The “Latin America 4.0: The Digital Transformation in the Value Chain” report analyzed the competitive advantages of the use of new information technologies and communication.

Mobile Device Management – Is There An Upside?

It’s not just the news cycle that’s 24 hours – it’s the workday too. Or at least it feels it, given that every employee has a mobile device making them

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To stay profitable and competitive in a crowded business landscape, organizations must constantly try to maximize earnings and minimize expenses. However, accurately determining how well organizational assets are being used

6 Strategies To Increase Sales Success

The ultimate business goal is to convert your effort into sales. How you work, communicate, and persevere will ultimately affect sales growth. Accordingly, the following strategies are provided to help

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If you don’t know what digital transformation is, you’re not alone. However, this key term is something that all businesses should focus on as soon as possible. The world is

Who Should be in Charge of Corporate Reputation Management?

There’s a big problem with reputation management in corporate America. The problem – common in most major corporations — is that no one person is responsible for managing a company’s

How to Improve the Customer Experience: 3 Tech Questions

When thinking about the customer experience, it’s smart to imagine it as a series of interactions. A series of tiptoe steps, taken by an individual customer, through your customer-facing people